We LOVE her!

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"Anika is an absolute joy to be around. She is professional, clear, efficient, always on time, goes above and beyond, and is all around very impressive. She is creative (Brilliant!) and a wonderful collaborator. I wish that everyone had her dedication."

-Lara Eidsmore

She is an absolute joy

"Anika has been preparing our meals for two years now and we are amazed at how healthy our food is, how much more ease we have with our meals, and how much money we are saving! Our overall food costs are down because Anika knows how to shop and uses every last bit of food to create the delicious food that we eat throughout the week! We LOVE her! And we love our food"

-Denise Elizabeth Byron

"My Aim is Simple.

To nourish people so that they can do what


-Anika Canton

 Personalized Weekly Menus

 Reheating Instructions

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Preparing Meals

Garden Cuisine offers healthy, seasonal, organic meals tailored to you and your family's taste buds and health goals. Each menu is planned in advance around the flavors and textures you love most, while nourishing your life from the foundation up.

This in-home meal service is more than just a dietary plan, it’s a nourishment package for your life as a whole, where we come directly to your home to prepare the food.

Food is the root of human vitality; our aim is to help clients thrive by loving the food they eat and the way they feel because of it! Whether you are a new mom, busy in your career, or just need extra help around meal prep, Garden Cuisine is a culinary support system. Leave the cooking to us, and enjoy the freedom of having the time to do what YOU love, most.

Personal Chef Services
In Home Chef Services are tailored to your specific dietary needs and the level of support that best suits you and your family. Whether you are looking for assistance with 3 dinners weekly, or breakfast lunch and dinner seven days a week, we have a plan options to help you thrive. 

In Home Food Prep is scheduled in 2 hour windows.

Packages start at $200 weekly + food costs, and go up from there. 

Initial Consultation 
This is an opportunity for us to learn what your health goals are, what foods entertain your pallet, discuss a food plan, and set a schedule for weekly meal preparation. In addition, we take an inventory of your kitchen and create a list of items to purchase prior to the first cooking session.

Initial consultation $150